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Step 1: Use a proper payment link, either SBI or Other Payment method. 

Step 2: You will be redirected to a payment gateway. Take note of your PAYMENT ID that you will receive in your email.

Step 3: Fill up the form below the table with the PAYMENT ID of your payment

*Please wait up to 3 business days to get the update.

** Keep the payment receipt safely for future reference.

***Online Banking charges may apply by the Bank/Service provider. 

Payment Through SBI

Instructions for Payment Through SBI:

Click on payment link below->SB Collect Check Box-> Proceed -> select ‘State of Corporate / Institution’ = West bengal and ‘Type of Corporate / Institution’= Educational Institutions -> Go -> ‘Educational Institutions Name’ = Calcutta Institute of Engineering and management -> fill up details->Submit

SBI Payment Link is Here.

Other Payment Method

AdmissionPayment Link
B.Tech AdmissionPay Here
B.B.A. AdmissionPay Here
B.C.A. AdmissionPay Here
Semester FeePayment Link
B.Tech 2nd SemesterPay Here
B.Tech 3rd SemesterPay Here
B.Tech 4th SemesterPay Here
B.Tech 5th SemesterPay Here
B.Tech 6th SemesterPay Here
B.Tech 7th SemesterPay Here
B.Tech 8th SemesterPay Here
M.B.A. SemesterPay Here
B.B.A. 2nd/3rd/4th SemesterPay Here
B.B.A 5th/6th SemesterPay Here
B.C.A. 2nd/3rd/4th SemesterPay Here
B.C.A 5th/6th SemesterPay Here

Payment Confirmation Form (Mandatory)

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