Electronics and Communication Engineering

According to MAKAUTs most recent syllabus, this 4-year study in electronics and communication contains all the essential content. Our mission is to establish ourselves as a preeminent institution for Electronics and Communication Engineering through academic excellence, industry collaboration, and the development of promising Electronics and Communication engineers who will serve and enrich society by effectively applying their technical expertise to its growth and prosperity.


Career Opportunities After Graduation In ECE

Faculty Details

Sonali Sarkhel

Assistant Prof., HOD M.TECH Embedded System

Jhimlee Adhikary Ray

Assistant Prof M.TECH Microwave And Wireless Communication

Shah Alam Sardar

Assistant Prof M.E Low Power, VLSI Design

Anupa Chatterjee

Assistant Prof PH.D (Pursuing) Antenna Design

Dr. Rakhi Bhattacharjee

Assistant Prof PH.D Nano science & Nanotechnology

Mala Sau Giri

Assistant Prof PH.D (Pursuing) Signal Processing

Swarup Das

Assistant Prof PH.D (Pursuing) Antenna Microwave

Piyalee Biswas

Assistant Prof M.TECH Analog Circuit Design, VLSI Design