Computer Science And Engineering

Create, invent, or hack commonplace software, hardware, and systems. CIEM has been striving towards excellence in the field of computer science and engineering, working on everything from spreadsheets to data encryption to the World Wide Web. With innovative coding, open access platforms, new businesses and products, our faculty and students are altering robotics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, wireless networks, bioscience, and nanotechnology. One of the best programmes in the nation is the 4-year graduate programme in computer science and engineering offered by CIEM.


Career Opportunities After Graduation In CSE

Faculty Details

Mr. Debjyoti Bagchil

Asst. Prof. M.Tech Image processing

Mr. Suman Halder

Asst. Prof. M.Tech Sensor Network, Pattern recognition

Ms. Paramita Sarkar

Asst. Prof. M.E. Optimization in scheduling algorithm

Ms. Amrita Bhattacharya

Asst. Prof.M.TechImage Processing

Ms. Moumita Podder

Asst. Prof. M.Tech Sensor Network, Software Engineering

Mr. Abhijit Mitra

Asst. Prof., HOD M.E Cryptography & Network security

Ms. Bijoyini Bagchi

Asst. Prof. M.Tech Image Processing

Mr. Arnab Mallik

Asst. Prof.M.EImage Processing