Bridge Course:

Bridge course is conducted in all the semesters for some subjects/courses at the commencement of the semester classes. Faculty members takes these classes very seriously. Bridge courses lay the strong foundation for the engineering program. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between the prerequisite of the course they would be studying in. The duration of this course is four or five classes. Bridge Course helps the students to have a smooth transition to the specific course. Our experience has shown that students who have attended the bridge course have appreciated the initiative usefulness.

Language Lab:

The purpose of a language lab is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.

There is a course on Language lab-HU181 in the first semester in all the B. Tech programme. The institute has a modern Language Laboratory with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to aid in imparting language skills. The Laboratory is effectively utilized by students and faculty members for various self-enhancement and soft skill development activities. Laboratory proves beneficial for those students who are poor in use of English language. It aims at confidence-building among students for interactions and presentations in English. The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills.

Remedial Classes:

Remedial classes are conducted for weaker students who cannot follow the class lectures. Sometimes when a student fails to attend the unit tests for a subject or scores lesser marks than a certain respectable level in that subject remedial classes are conducted by faculty members. These classes are conducted in every semester in small groups.

Soft Skill Development:

Each semester we offer a series of presentations to expose our students to new ideas in industry, research and professional development. These are provided by internal faculty member and external experts. The soft skill development gives emphasis oncommunication, problem solving, and teamwork and leadership development.

Communication- Communication appeared as the primary skill employers desired. The students are subjected to make one’s thoughts and ideas known and to share them effectively with others which provides key to productivity in a company. Communication includes nonverbal communication (body language), giving and receiving feedback, conflict negotiation, teaching/presenting information, and putting your ideas in writing.

Problem solvingThe students are subjected to solve troubleshooting, critical thinking, analytical skills and also prepares them look at a situation and determine what the desired result should be and what obstacles are preventing that outcome.

Teamwork Skills are provided to know how to work with others.

Leadership Every team needs someone to set the direction and coordinate progress, employers will rely on new engineers /managers to step up and take charge of projects and teams. Students are given training on understanding time management, prioritization, and attention to detail, while maintaining a sense of empathy for team.

Personal Counseling:

The institute has a professional counselor who provides counseling to students.HOD identifies students who need counseling and are accordingly counseled. Apart from this we have mentors who are faculty members for a group of fifteen students. The mentors regularly guide and counsel the students in their respective group. The mentors counsel students for solving their problems and provide confidence to improve their quality of life. They also guide students to choose right career path for job, higher studies and entrepreneurship.

Career Counseling:

The institute gives utmost priority to the proper nurturing of the students and also shaping them into professionals through proper induction of theoretical knowledge coupled with relevant practical exposure. Each department has got experienced faculty members who in their own ways are dedicated to counsel the students, to inspire the students to strive for higher goals, to clearly define the objectives of the students, to make the students focused to achieve their desired goals. In fact career counseling happens to be one of the major areas of thrust of the institute.

Yoga and Meditation:

Staying fit is being equivalent to bringing out the best out of oneself. The institute believes in this and hence there is a dedicated Yoga expert and also a Yoga centre in the institute which looks after this.