B.Sc. in Data Science

A three-year full-time programme is required for the B.Sc. in Data Science. The course covers the study of business analytics, computer science, and artificial intelligence topics. To understand an observable fact in relation to a set of real-world data, data scientists apply techniques from machine learning, statistics, big data analytics, and other fields. The programme is well-liked by the students owing to its rising demand and bright as well as broad future potential in the energy sector, technology corporations, market research firms, and consultancies. Operating Systems, Data Visualisations, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Python Programming, and other topics will also be covered in the programme.

Career Opportunities After Graduating in B.Sc. in Data Science

  • Data Architect

  • Data Administrator

  • Business Intelligence Manager

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Anslyst

  • Others

Faculty Details


Mr. Rupayan Sanyal

Head of the Department