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To establish a strong foundation in the subjects of science and Humanities such that the student’s further learning is facilitated .The department has a vision to inculcate a strong aptitude for research and higher education and to motivate students to procure further knowledge without hesitance and equip them with advanced communication skills.


The focus of this department is to provide students with a strong conceptual knowledge and understanding of the basics such that they observe the core subjects in a holistic manner and gain the most out of their studies.


The department of Basic Science & Humanities was established since the inception of this institute .This Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of science to enhance the student’s Engineering as a stream of study demands the basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and good communication skill.The different subjects that are explored by this department are: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Science, Professional Communication, Management and Economics. Our faculty members adhere to the possibly high standard of teaching and actively work to involve students fully in the educational experience. The Humanities Department, plays a pivotal role in developing the Communication Skills of the students, which is of prime importance to the industry. The inclusion of Humanities in the curriculum of the Engineering- specifically that of Technical Communication, Values and Ethics, Indian Constitution – is indispensable for regaining the human factor in technological questions and for educating responsible and competent professionals. The engineers nowadays, not only requires excellent technical skills but also a deep sense of responsibility towards the society and the environment. Moreover in this age of globalisation effective and efficient communication is of prime importance. Hence, the budding engineers are taught technical communication which helps them in mastering business or official correspondence.

Infrastructure/ Laboratory

 Physics laboratory
 Chemistry laboratory
 Language laboratory
 Engineering Drawing
 Workshop / Manufacturing Practice
 Thermal Power Engineering

Faculty Details